Letter from the President of the South Bethany Property Owners Association (SBPOA)
Happy Autumn to all our property owners in the Best Little Beach in Delaware.  With another summer’s end we at SBPOA are once again ready to launch our Neighborhood Watch Program to help keep our property owners informed about what is going on with their homes during the “off season” months. 
SBPOA, provides many services to the people of our community.  It is an organization made up and run by South Bethany property owners.  Its mission includes the following, Neighborhood Watch, providing information on what the government of the Town is acting on or what issues are being voted on.  It’s a sounding board for owners to give their opinions and voice their concerns.  SBPOA is the watchdog for the owners.  We have recently done surveys to elicit conversation and provide that data to the owners and Town Council about what WE as owners and tax payers feel is important:  Beach Access, Canal Water Quality and Road Repair and Improvement.  We remain independent, we offer no endorsement as an organization to any candidate or member of Town Council.  We will contribute funds and support with volunteers the issues important to our members, such as, floating wetland installations, beach access wheelchairs, fire department donations and the upcoming 50th anniversary celebration next June of our town’s incorporation.  In 2018 we accepted the responsibility to manage and support the Annual Boat Parade usually held in conjunction with July 4th celebrations but will be tied to the Anniversary celebration in 2019.
One of the more visible projects of the South Bethany Property Owner’s Association (SBPOA) managed by our own Diana Cowell is the sale of South Bethany T-shirts and other apparel items at McCabe’s Gourmet Deli in the York Beach Mall which sells them at no cost to us. This is our way of promoting our town by providing apparel that residents and visitors would like to have since there are no South Bethany shirts available in other shops in the area. The history of our special T-shirts began in 1985 when a homeowner had one made for himself, with the words, “The Best Little Beach in Delaware,” and an umbrella and a beach chair on it. Years ago, the Speer family placed a small sign at the beach access on N. 2nd St. with those words. Take a walk there to see it. Those words have become the town motto, the truth of which we wholeheartedly support and with which those who live, and vacation here may readily agree.
Just a word about what kind of apparel is available. When you walk into McCabe’s Deli, four shelves immediately to the left have South Bethany merchandise. We keep the prices low, so they are very affordable.  We order the shirts from the same suppliers as other shops do. They are good quality and each style comes in several colors and designs. Unisex short sleeve shirts, long sleeve T-shirts and sweat shirts. We also carry shirts for youth in sizes XS to XL as well as two styles of ladies’ shirts. The short sleeve more fitted shirt and the V-Neck embroidered shirt. If you purchase South Bethany apparel at McCabe’s, be sure to thank them for their generosity. You can consider wearing a South Bethany shirt, hat or visor as good public relations for “The Best Little Beach in Delaware!” 
It is a large undertaking by the members and especially our Board of Directors.  The Board includes:
Glenda Case – Treasurer
Bill Lenz – VP Neighborhood Watch
Barbara Derr -- VP of Membership
The Board keeps the process going.  This year we have installed a new website and a new accounting system for improved communication and clarity of our finances.  The Board has also re-filed for Tax Exempt status, that we should attain in 2019. We four have committed to two years to the process which will be ending in June of 2019. Even though we are few this Board has done the work to bring SBPOA into the present and set it up to move forward into the future.
This all being said we need members both current and new to get involved.  Look at our website   and click on the membership tab, download the form and JOIN! The annual membership dues are a mere $25.00.  Then decide to get involved……. WE need volunteers for duties such as Neighborhood Watch walkers, committees for the boat parade and Bull Roast, a website manager and most importantly the managing of this important organization, running for a position on the Board.  It has been a rewarding experience for me and I might even run again I urge you to consider a position.
Any one that feels they need more info after looking at the website, email me at and I will try and provide answers to any questions you may have.
Thank you for your time and please remain healthy and safe!
Joe Mormando
President, SBPOA