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If you are reading this, then you already are a proud South Bethany property owner, and, if you already are a South Bethany Property Owners Association member, this website is for you.

We are delighted to provide here resources to help you better understand our town and showcase our association’s efforts to enhance town communications and engagement. On this site, we will alert you to town issues, apprise you of town activities and events, suggest pathways to become involved and provide opportunity for you to communicate with us.

Yes, South Bethany indeed is the best little beach in Delaware, and while that is due to the blessings of our natural resources, it also is our community of property owners that makes it and keeps it so. This website is our community voice. Welcome!

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Boat Parade News

Feb 9 2020
Boat Parade News Kent Stephan Joe Petito


Mar 9 2019
Submitted by Kent Stephan: South Bethany's police department has said it mans a Non-Emergency Hot-Line for people to use to relay information. It's for things that don't merit a 911 call, but are still important. Please click the heading